Just the Postman

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Just the Postman It’s hard to believe that 3 months has passed so quickly but we will be leaving Tenwek Mission Hospital in the next 24 hours. Over the last few days my family and I have been remembering and recounting the good things that God has done during this trip. We are so thankful for “journey mercies” as we have traveled not only from the States to here but for all the journeys we have taken all along the highways and byways of central and western Kenya. We are so thankful that God has protected us from sickness, and so thankful that God touched and healed little Jack of malaria. We are thankful for the prayers that so many have offered and so thankful for the many people who commented on our blog or sent us notes of encouragement. Your prayers and your support were vital to what we have been able to do here for Jesus. When we were tired or discouraged or homesick we could...

Just Another Face

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I have probably treated hundreds of patients during the last 3 months here at Tenwek mission hospital. Sometimes our patients come to us through the outpatient clinics or through a referral from another hospital or often through the casualty. It seems the patients often come in large numbers, all at once. In just one busy night here at Tenwek we admitted fourteen patients to the surgery service alone. And the patients that come to us are usually very sick, or badly injured or burned or have advanced diseases. It’s not unusual to spend hours at night or on weekends operating on the endless emergencies that need surgery. Quite honestly, sometimes the patients come in at such a frenetic pace they become just a blur in the constant activity of trying to do what you can to help them. And try as you may, it is often hard to put a face with a name with a specific disease being treated or...

Kitoben Orphanage

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We went to visit a new orphanage this week, Kitoben, which is not far from the hospital to assess the needs and see how God might use us there. There are 60 children at Kitoben, 40 of which are in school. One woman and her family run Kitoben and she uses mostly her own resources (she works at Tenwek Hospital as a clerk) to feed, clothe and educate the children. These are just a few pictures from our visit. We were able to give them soccer balls for the older kids, pray with the family caring for the children and bless them with some financial resources. We hope to continue building a relationship with Kitoben as they care for the orphans in the area. Bosto is an orphanage about an hour from the mission hospital. We have partnered with Bosto before to help them build coops and raise chickens which provide eggs for the children and extra eggs to sell. We have built fencing and purchased...

Soccer Balls and Scriptures

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Dr. Ralph, a friend of ours who had visited Tenwek previously, sent some soccer balls with us along with pumps and requested that we write scriptures on them before giving them away. So, our children sat down one afternoon and pumped up the balls and wrote scriptures on the balls in Swahili, Kipsigis and English. We have had the privilege of giving them to a few orphanages and some local boys who play around Tenwek. The boys usually roll up bags and trash until they get a good ‘ball’ to kick around so they were thrilled to get a real ball! We hope long after the handwritten message wears off, the gift of love and kindness will remain and remind them that God truly does love them and have a plan for...

A Love Story

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We have some very good friends here–James and Faith (names changed). They are both Kenyan, they have been married to each other for several years now and suffice it to say James and Faith are very much “in love”. When they are together, they have that “look” of deep admiration and love and devotion for each other. She waits on him hand and foot, he is always so tender and kind and gentle with her. Interestingly,they married each other despite the fact they were from different tribes—something not always looked upon favorably here. In this culture, one of the things a wife always wants to give her husband is children, despite years of trying, Faith is yet to conceive. In a culture where emotional connection is rarely demonstrated, James goes out of his way to express the love he has for his wife. In a culture where the role of a wife can sometimes be seen as “beneath”...

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